20 October 2014I’ve tried the low-carb lifestyle, but after a month or two I always find myself defeated by my nemesis, the potato! Ok, bread and pasta and chocolate cake, too, but for now let’s just talk about the spud. You can keep matchstick fries thank you very much, but proper chips – crisp on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside – well, I’ll never say no. Warm new potatoes in olive oil, chewy rosti, herby potato salad, creamy potato bakes, thick potato and leek soup – I like them all. And then there’s mash. “Sigh.” It’s always a treat, whether it’s dressed up with truffle oil or simply warm and smooth with butter and milk. Most irresistible of all, Cheesy Mushroom Mash https://bit.ly/1zh3QJe! Simply cook and mash 800g potatoes. Sauté 500g sliced button mushrooms in 25g butter until very soft. Stir into the mash with 50g grated mature Cheddar cheese. Season to taste and add enough milk to get a soft consistency. Yum! But now that I think of it, you could add the mushrooms in butter, cheese and milk to cauliflower mash and keep on Banting! Darn… now I have no excuse.