I’ve just discovered mushroom curry! What a revelation – luscious and warmly aromatic rather than fiery, it’s utterly moreish. My gorgeous, thoughtful husband brought it home for supper last week when I was feeling the full effects of the dreaded winter lurgy. Along with a punnet of silky-smooth eggplant curry, and some creamy paneer, it was heaven with butter naan. Come to think of it, veg curry is a great winter cure-all as many of the ingredients are well-known cold and flu fighters: garlic, ginger, turmeric, tomatoes, onion, mushrooms. You can always employ the 10-minute cheat method to make a mushroom curry for yourself if there’s no-one on hand to see you right. Just sauté some onion, then add the mushrooms to brown a little. Add a tablespoon of green or red curry paste if you’re going Thai, or a couple of teaspoons of garam masala if you prefer Indian curries. Follow with a can of coconut milk, some chopped tomatoes and a handful of coriander before serving. If you want to try making a more authentic version: https://bit.ly/1oynrJV.