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The family’s coming round so you break out the braai, shove a potato bake into the oven and sort out a nice crunchy salad. Yes, you do! We all do. And we all love it! You can’t improve on a good old South African braai, however you prefer your chargrilled meat, fish or veggies. But not so the spuds. I’m partial to Boulangère Potatoes, which uses stock instead of cream – lighter and healthier than Dauphinois, and for my money, tastier. So when I found Mushroom Stock Concentrate newly stacked on the shelves @WOOLWORTHS_SA , I could not resist. Wafer-thin rounds of potato, salted and layered with thinly sliced onion, flat-leaf parsley and little dollops of butter, all gently baked in earthy, mushroomy goodness. It’s a winner! Give it a try next time the in-laws visit.