Kids love a mushroom. Well, many of them do. The others just don’t know they love them yet. And there is a very simple way to incorporate highly nutritious fresh mushrooms into your child’s diet… it’s called blendability. This means using only half the meat in any mince-based recipe and making up the rest of the requirement with finely chopped fresh mushrooms. That’s an opportunity to load every burger patty, meatball, and spaghetti bolognese with mushroom goodness. Your kids will love mushroom-blended meat dishes because fungi add big umami flavour to all foods, as well as moisture and a lovely smooth mouthfeel when eating. It’s really that simple. Put it to the test, from Chicken, Mushroom & Corn Meatloaf to Mushroom & Pork Mince Sausage Rolls, we’ve got you covered mama-bear (and daddy too!).

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Click either of the links above or look through for a multitude of kid-friendly mushroom-centred meals that result in clean plates and happy smiles at the dinner table.