Flabby mushrooms are a thing, but definitely not a nice thing! When you’re frying up a batch of delicious fresh mushrooms, make sure you follow the tried and tested cooks’ basics of fungi prep to get that lovely umami-rich sear you want:

  • Don’t waterlog your mushrooms – fungi are about 90 percent water already, so washing mushrooms can make them waterlogged and really difficult to fry successfully. Just brush them off with some damp kitchen paper, then slice and fry on a high heat. Using a low heat will only result in boiled mushrooms.
  • Fry mushroom alone, and without crowding the pan. Too many mushrooms means they won’t all feel the heat at the same time, and adding in other ingredients while searing could add liquid to the pan and interrupt the browning process. Rather, fry your mushrooms first, then remove from the pan and add back at the end of cooking.

Put these techniques to the test in Buttons & Beans on Toast https://bit.ly/43rDeF4 and let us know in the comments below how much better your fried mushrooms taste! #goodfood #nourish #mushrooms #antiaging #antiageing #budgetfriendly #plantprotein #flexitarian #eatplants #blendability #breakfast #beans #toast #buttonmushrooms

The link above will take you directly to the recipe for a quick breakfast or Sunday night supper of Buttons & Beans on Toast, while there are also all manner of fried, baked and grilled mushroom recipes to be found at https://bit.ly/31Tza3V.