17 Oct 2014New research suggests that the very umami flavour of mushrooms can help you lose weight! Seriously! “Umami, which means ‘pleasant savoury taste,’ has been described as a mouth-watering, brothy, meaty sensation with a long-lasting aftertaste that balances the total flavour of a dish,” reads an article titled The Surprising Food Flavour That Can Help You Shed Pounds on the website Health https://bit.ly/1robJlW. Apparently the umami flavour boosts post-meal satiety, which results in eating less in subsequent meals. Mushrooms are a naturally occurring plant-based source of umami, which provide all sorts of additional nutrition benefits in a single food source. “Mushrooms provide just 20 calories per cup, and they’re the only plant source of vitamin D, a key nutrient linked to lower rates of obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, and certain cancers,” the article goes on the say. “Mushrooms also contain unique antioxidants that fight ageing and heart disease, and natural substances in mushrooms have been shown to protect against breast cancer by preventing levels of estrogen in the body from becoming excessive.” So forget diamonds, it’s really mushrooms that are a girl’s best friend!