13 OCT 2014Last week was one of ‘those’ weeks – too many workmen taking too long to install new light fittings, children’s school concert, extra lessons and unexpected medical emergencies. The only highlight, besides how cute the concert turned out to be, was somehow finding a few culinary gems while racing through the grocery store: Woolworths now stocks Asian Panko Breadcrumbs https://bit.ly/1C8ij6i and Asian Tempura Flour https://bit.ly/1w0ForL! They’re both amazing for coating and quick-frying vegetables, including all sorts of mushrooms. Also, one of my favourite blogs, love & olive oil, posted the most delicious looking recipe for Pickled Green Tomatoes https://bit.ly/1uXUmP6. I can’t wait to try them in a herb and kidney bean summer salad. So now that things have calmed down a bit, it’s happily back to the kitchen for me… and there’s definitely going to be a scrumptious veggie feast produced this week!