Let’s be honest, faux meat has been revolutionary for vegans, vegetarians and even those just wanting to eat less meat. But now that the initial infatuation has lost its gloss, are the “made by nature” products that have been available on supermarket shelves all along ready for a renaissance? Fresh mushrooms have always been a great meat alternative. They are meaty in texture, packed with vitamins, minerals and fibre, and require very little prepping – you can even use your favourite meat rub or marinade on mushrooms to plate an “as good as meat” big brown mushroom straight from the braai. Another plus is that mushrooms have protein. Yes, protein! There are nine essential amino acids that combine to produce protein and mushrooms have them all. That means fresh mushrooms are one of the only sources of complete protein from plants. Additionally, the high-quality protein found in both cooked and uncooked mushrooms is easily absorbed and bioavailable, and due to its high digestibility, mushroom protein could be a superior option for those with indigestion or malabsorption issues. So it may well be time to look beyond the novelty of faux meat to embrace nature’s bounty again. Mushroom & Quinoa Burger https://bit.ly/3YDYWVo anyone?
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Make our meat-free Mushroom & Quinoa Burger from the recipe at the link above, or try a mixed meat and mushroom burger from the selection at https://bit.ly/31Tza3V.