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Since having my kids, and passing the big 4-0, I find I’m always on a diet, special eating plan or being seduced by some idea on the subject. It’s hard to ignore the diet industry’s many ‘miracle in a bottle’ claims, even though we all know they don’t work – having tried them and failed! But now the scientific community is finding new evidence that mushrooms might help control blood sugar levels, thereby making it easier to follow the advice of doctors to exercise and eat a balanced diet to maintain a healthy weight. According to Nicole McDermott at www.refinery29.com, ‘Research shows reducing our intake of sugar and grain-based foods can successfully control blood-glucose levels, but other studies suggest increasing the consumption of some foods can do the same. A recent study (www.fasebj.org/content/28/1_Supplement/647.48.abstract) found portobello mushrooms had a beneficial effect on blood sugar. Participants (eight men and eight women between the ages of 19 and 29 years old) who sipped a mushroom-powder-infused glucose drink showed a more gradual decline in insulin than that affected by a glucose-only drink. Though the sample size is incredibly small, this isn’t the first study to highlight blood-sugar stabilising foods. Other studies suggest protein, healthy fats, and spices including turmeric and cinnamon can help control blood-glucose levels.’ Encouraging news, yes?