I know Nigella waxes lyrical about how she makes lush lamb shanks as a treat when eating alone, but for me, not having to deal with too much washing up is the real treat! I’ll admit to leftovers, soup or peanut butter toast on occasion, but my favourite dinner for one is a quick, crisp stir-fry of veg: shallots or spring onions, sweet peppers, fresh mushrooms (need you ask?), tenderstem broccoli and cauliflower, all laced with garlic and Mirin, then deposited on plain rice or noodles. But not any old noodles, PnP Chicken & Mushroom flavoured Instant Noodles. They’re convenient yes, but also loaded with rich earthy flavour – who could ask for more? Here’s an easy vegan stir-fry recipe if you find yours are always a bit soggy: