South African supermarket shelves are packed with delicious fresh button, portabellini and portabello mushrooms. But did you know that they are all exactly the same kind of mushroom, it’s just the maturity that’s different? Now there are millions upon millions of known species of fungi worldwide, and this one – Agaricus bisporus – displays significant flavour changes as it grows, which is actually quite mind boggling! So, which do you like best?

  • Button mushrooms – mild, creamy, quite firm, ideal for eating raw or in any cooking application you can imagine.
  • Portabellini mushrooms – slightly nuttier and more umami, with a pretty brown cap, these are excellent simply sauteed, added to broths or sliced onto pizzas.
  • Portabello mushrooms – medium to large with dark gills and a more earthy depth, these are perfect as a meat substitute grilled on the braai or stuffed and baked.

Homework for the weekend: find your fave fungi with a gorgeous Mixed Mushroom Braai

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