Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 10.07.11 AMDid you know that nutritionists divide foods into kingdoms? I sure didn’t! Right now there is the Plant Kingdom and the Animal Kingdom, but in the USA scientists are starting to make the case for fungi to be declared a third kingdom because they are “biologically distinct and nutritionally unique”. No, get those cute images of fairies and elves right out of your head; this kingdom has nothing to do with cartoon fantasy and everything to do with the nutrient content and health benefits of what you eat. Currently, mushrooms are classified as a white vegetable, a group sometimes referred to as the “forgotten source of nutrients” as a result of many popular diets insisting we disregard all white foods and instead eat the rainbow. In fact, the former assertion refers to avoiding simple white starches like bread and rice, while the latter is just a catchy way to say eat lots more fruit and veg. And yes, that does include mushrooms, which are powerhouses of good-for-you nutrients and phytonutrients, while being low in fat and high in flavour. So there you have it – eat more mushrooms!