With a child in preschool, the much-taught mantra of reuse, recycle, reduce has become law in our house – yes, three-year-olds will demand to know why you put food scraps in the paper bin and make you do it again! So here’s a few ideas on how to reuse your mushroom punnets from journalist Michele Beathem:

* Baked and want to send guests home with some goodies? Mushroom punnets.

* They make ideal utensil rests when cooking or baking.

* Perfect for serving snacks or sandwiches to young children, especially outdoors and at picnics.

* Great for mixing powder paints – less difficult for little hands to accidentally knock them over and they’re so easy to rinse and use again.

* Line drawers with mushroom punnets for easy separation and sorting of children’s little treasures: pretty shells and stones, party favours, mini-toys, batteries, toy jewellery, stickers, etc.