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Meaty Mushrooms Make a Meal. Whether you're into Meatless Mondays, thinking of giving up meat for Lent, trying to cut down on calories or turning vegetarian, you should be making mushrooms a valuable part of your daily diet.


Just like meat, mushrooms are savoury making them a favourite ingredient in vegetarian recipes and ‘part-time’ vegetarians (those of us who do not want to eat meat every day) will find replacing meat with mushrooms easy.


Mushrooms not only provide something much more substantial, a meaty succulence and satisfying texture that can be missing from a meat-free diet, they are also an important source of protein, low in calories and sodium and packed with B vitamins and minerals. Fresh Mushrooms are a recognised a low-energy-dense food as they are high in water, low in fat and contain some fibre - three factors that contribute to satiety with fewer calories. In fact, a 100g serving of uncooked, sliced white button rings in at a mere 22 calories!


Here are some inspirational recipes to show how mushrooms make that healthy difference!


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