Selenium (12 recipes)

Mushrooms – one of your best bets for selenium.


Second to lung cancer, prostate cancer is still one of the most common cancers worldwide and while the causes of prostate cancer are still unknown, we do know that age, heredity, hormones, diet and lifestyle all play a role. 


So where do mushrooms come in? When it comes to Selenium content, mushrooms surpass all other items in the produce category.  The Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) for Selenium is 55 mcg (micrograms) for adults. The US Dept of Agriculture (USDA)'s National Nutrient Database reports that grilled Portobella mushrooms have 26.5 mcg of Selenium per serving, nearly half of the daily RDA for an adult. Portabellini mushrooms and white button mushrooms are also good sources of the nutrient. 


So there you have it, mushrooms are not only hugely nutritious; they are delicious, versatile and jam-packed with flavour too! No wonder we don’t need an excuse to throw a handful (or two!) into just about every dish!


Selenium Recipes

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Breakfast Recipes CategoryBreakfast is the most important meal of the day and fresh mushrooms should be your first choice to make breakfast both delicious and nutritious. 


Starters Recipes CategoryUse these recipes as appitisers without spoiling the apitites of your guest...depending on how much they eat of course.


Salads Recipes CategoryLooking for something light yet tasty for a meal? Try these amazing salad recipes using some interesting combinations with mushrooms.


Lunch Recipes CategoryWe have a hard time to leave versatile mushrooms out of any meal! But lunch is often about something quick, light and delicious.  Good news: you’ve come to the right place for ideas.


Dinner Recipes CategoryLooking for some delectable dinner ideas that offer incredible flavour, are easy-to-make and turns you into a domestic goddess?  Simply add mushrooms!

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Comfort Foods Recipes CategoryWe all love a hearty bowl of deliciousness and love it even more if it’s amped up on flavour whilst slashing calories! The secret: add low calorie high on flavour mushrooms!

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