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Meaty Mushrooms Make a Meal. Whether you're into Meatless Mondays, thinking of giving up meat for Lent, trying to cut down on calories or turning vegetarian, you should be making mushrooms a valuable part of your daily diet.


Just like meat, mushrooms are savoury making them a favourite ingredient in vegetarian recipes and ‘part-time’ vegetarians (those of us who do not want to eat meat every day) will find replacing meat with mushrooms easy.


Mushrooms not only provide something much more substantial, a meaty succulence and satisfying texture that can be missing from a meat-free diet, they are also an important source of protein, low in calories and sodium and packed with B vitamins and minerals. Fresh Mushrooms are a recognised a low-energy-dense food as they are high in water, low in fat and contain some fibre - three factors that contribute to satiety with fewer calories. In fact, a 100g serving of uncooked, sliced white button rings in at a mere 22 calories!


Here are some inspirational recipes to show how mushrooms make that healthy difference!


Vegetarian Recipes

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Breakfast Recipes CategoryBreakfast is the most important meal of the day and fresh mushrooms should be your first choice to make breakfast both delicious and nutritious. 


Starters Recipes CategoryUse these recipes as appitisers without spoiling the apitites of your guest...depending on how much they eat of course.


Salads Recipes CategoryLooking for something light yet tasty for a meal? Try these amazing salad recipes using some interesting combinations with mushrooms.


Lunch Recipes CategoryWe have a hard time to leave versatile mushrooms out of any meal! But lunch is often about something quick, light and delicious.  Good news: you’ve come to the right place for ideas.


Dinner Recipes CategoryLooking for some delectable dinner ideas that offer incredible flavour, are easy-to-make and turns you into a domestic goddess?  Simply add mushrooms!

Comfort Foods

Comfort Foods Recipes CategoryWe all love a hearty bowl of deliciousness and love it even more if it’s amped up on flavour whilst slashing calories! The secret: add low calorie high on flavour mushrooms!

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