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Tapas are Spain's greatest food invention. "Eat when you drink, drink when you eat" is typical of the Mediterranean diet which typically has a leisurely start with tapas - scrumptious bite sized starters - to stimulate the appetite.


But what is its origin? Well, nobody really knows although there are many theories and even a few kings involved! But what we know for sure is that mushrooms were present on the tapas table despite the kings (or maybe because of them!)


And as it relates to a culinary genre, it's all about small plates, appetizers, finger food and culinary creativity.  Our mushroom tapas menu not only pushes that culinary envelope a bit further by doing a global sprint from South Africa to Vietnam but it also shows the versatility of fresh mushrooms.  


Vegetable dishes in Spain are inventive and are often eaten as a tapas dish, a course on their own, or perhaps as a supper. And that is exactly what we did with nutritious and delicious mushrooms. Cleverly paired with a variety of exciting options, mushrooms show off their unique qualities and flavour to perfection whilst remaining true to the origin of tapas – inventive, simple dishes using fresh, local seasonal ingredients. And today, no matter which legend or theory you believe, tapas remains one of the world’s culinary delights and a firm favourite of gourmets, chefs and food lovers all over the world – so just add those mushrooms!


Party Snacks Recipes

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