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Banish the carbs, we're banting!

September 2014


Marvellous Mushrooms make it easy for non-meat eaters to join Prof Tim Noakes’s The Real Meal Revolution

Prof Noakes advocates eating a diet low in carbohydrates and high in fat. Mistakenly people are saying it’s a high protein diet, but he calls for only moderate amounts of protein but note, animal protein ( Why animal proteins? Because, says the Prof, they’re the only readily available source of “complete” proteins.

This makes things a little difficult for vegetarians wanting to follow Banting (that’s what the diet is called!).  It is also the reason why we’d like to make a case for the mushroom here. According to the Australian Mushroom Growers the protein content of mushrooms is moderate at 3,3g per 100g (tick the Noakes box), but more exciting news is that it is rather unique.

One example is lectins that have anti-cancer properties in the laboratory. Other mushroom proteins appear to have both anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties (Xu 2011) Certain proteins, called hydrophobins, are found only in mushrooms, and these proteins contribute to the texture of the mushroom, making eating them so enjoyable.”

Bonus is that carbs are almost non-existent in mushrooms (0.3 per 100g), which means that it has very little effect on blood sugar (glucose) levels, making mushrooms perfect for people with diabetes.

So, veggie or not, mushrooms have earned their Green “all-you-can-eat” listing in Banting … and great news for non-meat protein seekers who feel left out!

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