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Mushrooms Tour De Pink 2010 Cash Cheque2Mushrooms Tour De Pink raises R 232 524.00 for Reach For Recovery

April 2011


Mushrooms turned pink as the South African Mushroom Farmers’ Association (SAMFA), Pick ‘n Pay and Yucca Packaging joined forces to help raise awareness of breast cancer during Breast Cancer awareness month.  The result was that whopping R232 524.00 were raised for Reach for Recovery.

Between October 4 and 17 2010, special pink punnets were ‘mushroomed’ onto Pick ‘n Pay’s fresh produce shelves in support of the fight against breast cancer. R1 from each punnet of 250g whole white button mushrooms and 250g sliced white button mushrooms sold were donated to the breast cancer support group, Reach for Recovery.

Says Beulah Jankelowitz, the National Coordinator of the breast cancer support group Reach for Recovery (R4R), “Breast Cancer is a scary diagnosis which does not discriminate between race, religion, colour or creed. The good news however, is that if you detect and treat breast cancer in its early stage, you have a very good chance of fully recovering. We are therefore delighted that SAMFA, Pick ‘n Pay and Yucca packaging supported the 2010 Breast Cancer Awareness month by encouraging women to invest in their health by learning about the importance of detecting breast cancer early.

“National Breast Cancer month in October each year offers an outstanding opportunity to get involved in raising funds to help survivors of breast cancer and those battling with this disease,” adds SAMFA’s, Ross Richardson.  “Many research studies have already indicated that consuming more vegetables and whole grains just might trim women’s chances of developing breast cancer.  Now new breast cancer research studies, conducted around the globe stretching from western Australia to California seem to confirm the dietary link: Research indicates that mushrooms have breast cancer-fighting properties that could establish them as important partners in the battle to win this fight.  It is because of these findings that SAMFA and mushrooms are adding their voices to National Breast Cancer Awareness.

“By creating an awareness of the cancer-fighting properties of white button mushrooms as indicated by the research, and combining it with a fund-raising drive to assist breast cancer support group Reach for Recovery, we can make a real difference to the well-being of breast cancer survivors.”

“This support allows us to continue providing practical and emotional support to breast cancer patients and help thousands of women in communities throughout South Africa,” says Beulah. “The funds raised through the Pink Punnets promotion, will not only fund the purchase of silicone prostheses but it will also allow us to harness sufficient staff to support survivors, patients and their families. We are very grateful to SAMFA, Pick ‘n Pay and Yucca Packaging for their generosity.”

So, look out for the 250g punnets of whole white buttons and sliced white buttons in their pretty pink packaging on Pick ‘n Pay’s shelves in October 2011.  By purchasing a few mushroom punnets you will not only provide much needed funds to Reach for Recovery, you will also personally benefit by providing your body with essential vitamins and antioxidants recommended for a healthy, disease-preventing diet.

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