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Move Meat off-center; Mushrooms Enter

Bringing more to meals for less

Focus om Mushrooms rather than meat, article and posterIncreasing our intake of lower calorie foods, specifically mushrooms, offer a great way to reduce calories and fat. An added bonus is that their flavourful umami content keeps us feeling full and satisfied after a meal.


The "blendability" approach is an economical way to make family meals more nutritious.  Swapping out half the meat for mushrooms increases recipe yield, saves money and makes the dish healthier with reduced sodium and fat. (A serving of mushrooms also delivers potassium, B vitamins, and important antioxidants like selenium and ergothionene – all of which help maintain a healthy immune system).  Try it with chicken, pork, veal or beef and taste the mushroom difference. Eating healthy never tasted this good!


So why not make a few wiser decisions when grocery shopping?  Save a little money and eat a little healthier? Try some of our mouth-watering "blendability" recipes and taste the difference for yourself. They are appetisingly easy, with plenty of delicious mushroom flavour… We think you’ll like them!


5 blendability tips for healthier eating:

  1. Go halfsies: Up the moisture, flavour and veggie content in your home-made burger by building a patty that is 50% mushrooms and 50% meat.
  2. Stealth health: Add diced mushrooms to family pasta night – they blend perfectly into sauces and lasagne bringing a hidden serving of vegetables and more nutrients to the plate.
  3. Top it off: Mushrooms add umami-rich flavour to the foods you love; lavishly add them to your pizza.
  4. Stretch portions: Include equal parts mushrooms and meat to double the volume without adding significant calories, fat, cholesterol or sodium.
  5. Celebrate Mushroom (Meatless) Monday: Kick off the week by adding mushrooms to your plate for breakfast, lunch and supper. Not more effort; just much more flavour!

1Cheskin LJ et al. Lack of energy compensation over 4 days when white button mushrooms are substituted for beef. Appetite 2008: 51: 50-57.


Learn about the Blendability Calculator here

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