Mushroom types

Mushroom Types

White Mushrooms (Agaricus bisporus)

Baby White
Bowl of Baby White Mushrooms

These mushrooms have a delicate flavour and a firm texture. They are small and perfect in salads, on kebabs and antipasto.


White Button
Bowl of White Button Mushrooms

This is the most common variety of mushroom. The culinary choice is endless - from salads to pizza, stir-fries and side dishes - it is the most versatile mushroom of them all.



 Brown Mushrooms (Agaricus bisporus syn. A. brunnescens)

Brown Button (Portabellini)
Bowl of Brown Buttons

The Portabellini is stronger in flavour than its white equivalent.  It is highly versatile and its dense flesh makes it the perfect choice to be used whole (raw or cooked) in salads, kebabs and antipasto.


Large Brown (Portabella)
one Large Brown mushroom
The brown flat mushroom is the largest mushroom sold commercially. A very flavoursome mushroom, it is becoming a favourite among the chefs of the world. Wonderful cooked, whole or sliced, grilled, fried, in a stir-fry and perfect for throwing on the braai.


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