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Meatless Monday (10 recipes)

The near-indistinguishable taste and texture of meat and mushrooms can be credited to a strange fact. In some ways, mushrooms are more like animals than plants. They do not employ photosynthesis; they "breathe" oxygen and "exhale" carbon dioxide. As a result, fungal proteins resemble nothing so much as animal proteins. In some Amazon tribes, there's only one word for both meat and mushrooms. And in the rest of the world there's a single word for both, too: delicious. Use the texture and savouriness of mushrooms to reduce your meat intake. It will save you money and reduce your calorie intake without sacrificing the taste and satisfaction you yearn for.


Meatless Monday Recipes

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Breakfast Recipes CategoryBreakfast is the most important meal of the day and fresh mushrooms should be your first choice to make breakfast both delicious and nutritious. Click on the recipe icon to view recipes.


Starters Recipes CategoryUse these recipes as appitisers without spoiling the apitites of your guest...depending on how much they eat of course. Click on the recipe icon to view recipes.


Salads Recipes CategoryLooking for something light yet tasty for a meal? Try these amazing salad recipes using some interesting combinations with mushrooms. Click on the recipe icon to view recipes.


Lunch Recipes CategoryWe have a hard time to leave versatile mushrooms out of any meal! But lunch is often about something quick and delicious. You’ve come to the right place for ideas. Click on the recipe icon to view recipes.


Dinner Recipes CategoryLooking for some delectable dinner ideas that offer incredible flavour and are easy-to-make? Add mushrooms! Click on the recipe icon to view recipes.

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Comfort Foods Recipes CategoryWe all love a hearty bowl of deliciousness, even more if it’s amped up on flavour and not calories! The secret...mushrooms! Click on the recipe icon to view recipes.

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