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#MakeEverydayGourmet with the magic of mushrooms.

Stand a chance to WIN ONE OF 4 CASH PRIZES OF R5000 EACH.





Mushrooms are the magical ingredient you need to transform everyday meals into gourmet dishes. They’re not just delicious, umami-rich and packed with nutritional goodness; they’re also versatile, quick and easy to prepare. Adding mushrooms to your cooking will awaken your inner gourmet chef and impress your family and guests without too much effort. Magic!


And we’re adding even more magic with our competition in which 4 participants each can win R5000 in cash. All you have to do is buy a punnet of mushrooms carrying the Make Everyday Gourmet with the Magic of Mushrooms competition sticker. Competition entry details are on the back.  


One punnet purchased qualifies for one entry only. Retain till slips as they will be required as proof of each purchase.



Terms and Conditions apply: Click here to read

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