The South African Mushroom Farmers’ Association (SAMFA) was formally established in 1984 and proudly celebrated its 25th year in 2009.

As the leading mushroom industry body in South Africa, it was appropriate for SAMFA to host to the XVIIth International Congress on the Science and Cultivation of Edible Mushrooms in Cape Town, South Africa during May 2008.  Scientists, growers, researchers, suppliers, marketers, educators and partners flocked to the Mother City to attend this prestigious event which brilliantly showcased the latest in mushroom production and marketing technology from all the very best suppliers and farmers from around the globe.

But in addition to hosting world-class events, SAMFA, as the collective voice of the industry, has a number of key objectives:

  1. To promote the South African mushroom industry
  2. To increase the consumption of fresh cultivated mushrooms through the generation of ongoing publicity in the leading media (national and regional TV, radio, newspapers, consumer magazines and the trade press). This includes teaching new consumers about the benefits of eating mushrooms
  3. To provide representation and liaison at all levels, both national and international, with all relevant official bodies and to protect the common interests of members
  4. To establish affiliations with relevant bodies to the advancement of the industry
  5. To promote research and education of fresh cultivated mushrooms and to raise funds for such research and education
  6. To establish and maintain communications with members and to disseminate information through news letters conferences and tours
  7. To confidentially collect and compile statistics relevant to the industry and report back to the industry

SAMFA is funded by its members who are mostly mushroom growers, industry suppliers and trade alliances.

As part of its promotions and marketing effort, SAMFA continuously nurtures relationships with food, lifestyle and health editors, ensuring that they have the latest information on all aspects of mushrooms including developments in the increasingly important health arena.

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